Daniel dAnOmite Downey

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re looking into the terrific works of the illustrious Daniel J. Downey, known to his listening audience as dAnOMite and to his close friends and meditation acquaintances, affectionately, as FartingLotus.

Now that you’re here, you’ve got some options. You can review his CV, take a look at his portfolio of works, marvel that he has led you here, to this page, and is tracking the behavior of recruiters, hiring managers, creatives and bots during the recruitment process, or you can contact him via phone, email or convenient contact form and learn directly from him, what makes him an exceptional, creative, strategic professional. No matter what you decide, we’re glad you’re here and we welcome you to reach out however you feel compelled. He does look forward to connecting with you!

Have an amazing day!