Not Self Publishing, Independent Publishing

Self-publishing and print-on-demand suffer a bit of stigma. Some of the stigma is warranted as anyone with a word processor can write and “publish” a book, without any thought given to editorial or book design processes. Of course, major publishing houses will scoff at your self-published title, but this is just because their livelihood and relevance are at stake. Independent publishers like dAnOmite Productions, can create remarkable printed works worthy of your hard work and creativity.

Publish Independently

Instead of self-publishing, why not publish independently? Small, independent publishers ensure your book is fit to print, is clean, edited and well designed. When you work with an independent publisher or small imprint, you need not worry about representation, self-proclaimed “taste makers” or gatekeepers in the arts. You can write what you want, create what you want and see your dream project in print and available for sale wherever publications are sold.

Small Imprints and ISBN Numbers

An ISBN, International Standard Book Number, is necessary to sell your book with contemporary booksellers, like local bookstores or on Amazon. An independent book publisher can supply you with an ISBN for a fee and ensure that your book meets current publishing standards and expectations.

Designing Books and Book Covers

Book design, proper book design, can be complex. It requires understanding and attention to detail, an awareness of how we read and the tenets of good design. It’s more than just sizing pages and adding margins. It’s consistency and stable and requires know-how. This is for relatively simple book designs, like a novel or something more complex like a historic report, scientific study, operations manual or art folio. From the initial editing to the final layout, design and coordination, a skilled book designer, with experience in print, can ensure a quality product you can be proud to promote, sell and share widely.

Book interior pages are just one thing. We don’t judge books by their interiors, at least not at first, so a savvy and sensible cover can increase sales and should convey at least a sense of what the interior pages contain. You’ve worked hard on your book, and your publisher should recognize this and put in the effort to design accordingly, from the frontispiece to the spine.

Graphic designers are not necessarily your best path forward with book production. The reality is, with the availability and prevalence of online media outlets, fewer and fewer designers have the requisite experience with print to effectively design and publish a book. They might say they can design a book and, they sure can, but when you finally get that book to press, you might run into some real difficulties and end up with a less than satisfactory finished product. There’s a hard won art and science to book design and publishing and someone with direct experience working with printers in the publishing process is indispensable for producing desired quality.

Get Your Book to Press

The team at dAnOmite Productions is ready to design and print your next book. From global edits and editorial direction to design, pre-press and print coordination, we can take your creative work, your comic, biography, political treatise or historic report from concept to completion, delivering a print publication that meets your exacting creative expectations. Contact dAnOmite Productions today to discuss your project and get a book design quote.