Identity, Architecture and the User Interface

Daniel builds, brand stories and the platforms from which to widely share (and sell) these stories. From loose or very ephemeral conceptual spaces, Dan can give your brand an identity, build a social media following and customize a user experience to convey careful messaging and foster real connection.

From complete corporate copy (building a mission, vision and strategy statement) to developing and reinforcing an online and print presence with style-guides and voice documentation, with a considered user experience and brand psychology perspectives, Daniel builds brands that thrive.

From Concept to Delivery

BetterWay Insurance Services is a non-standard auto insurer. At the client’s request, my team build an identity, developed copy, and established an online and brick-and-mortar presence for an organization that continues to grow. The basic tenet, and the total copy ideation provided by the client was that there was a “better way to sell auto insurance.” From there, we were off and running.

BetterWayInsurance HomePage

BetterWay Insurance Services (including copy development, identity, site architecture and the delivery of an online quoting platform).

Athos Insurance Services was started by a single insurance professional with an established personal reputation in the production equipment insurance space; inland marine insurance products. With a plan to build a stronger niche presence and the drive to develop online tools for purchase and maintenance of insurance policies for production professionals, this professional came to us to develop the brand, starting with the name and moving from there. This, now, extremely profitable venture continues to grow and thrive. Dan named the company, developed the messaging and under his careful guidance, the team built, delivers and continues to improve upon an series of innovative platforms for the sale and maintenance of commercial insurance products.
Athos Insurance Services (including naming, brand development, product refinement and delivery of services via online rating system)